An Overview of New Clinical Trials Treating Breast Cancer


Central Nervous System Metastasis

LCCC 0919: a phase II clinical trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of irinotecan and iniparib, a small molecule anti-cancer agent, to treat women with progressive or new brain metastases arising from triple negative breast cancer; this is being run through the TBCRC.


LCCC 1025: a phase II clinical trial evaluating the efficacy and safety of navelbine, trastuzumab and everolimus (RAD001), an mTOR inhibitor, to treat women with progressive brain metastases arising from HER2+ breast cancer. This trial is being offered through the UNC Cancer Network.



Geriatric Oncology

LCCC 0924: a clinical trial evaluating the effect of chemotherapy on aging in older women with breast cancer as measured by expression of p16INK4a.


LCCC 1027: a clinical trial evaluating the expression of P16INK4a as a predictor of myelosuppression In patients with breast cancer.



Pictured Left: Robert Millikan, PhD, DVM, will partner with Christine Ambrosone, of Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and Julie R. Palmer, of Boston University, in the most ambitious study to date of breast cancer among younger African-American women. Read more.


Pictured Right: Clara Lee, MD, MPP, has received a grant to study post-mastectomy breast reconstruction surgery decision making. Read more.


Lisa Carey, MD, medical director of the UNC Breast Center, talks about the core values of the UNC Breast Center, the Carolina Breast Cancer study, partnerships and types of treatment.


Early Phase

LCCC 1024: a phase I clinical trial combining capecitabine with an oral PI3K inhibitor. It is a dose escalation trial appropriate for patients who have had 3 or fewer lines of chemotherapy for metastatic disease and for whom capecitabine is an appropriate treatment.




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