Proteomics Interest Group

A monthly, informal meeting for anyone wishing to present their mass spectrometry-based proteomic work on any of the following:
Technology Development
  • Methods
  • Instrumentation
  • Fragmentation approaches
  • Activity-based proteomics
  • PTM analyses
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Quantitative approaches
Proteomic Informatics
  • Network structure and dynamics
  • Peptide, protein and PTM identification
  • Database and de novo search approaches
  • Software development and implementation
Biology and disease studies which employ mass spectrometry-based proteomics
  • Clinical proteomics
  • Basic mechanisms of signaling, cancer, aging, etc

KEAP1/NRF2 Support Group

A monthly, informal meeting dedicated to any work related to the KEAP1/NRF2 signaling pathway. Speakers are encouraged to present works that are in progres and unpublished. The hopes of this interest group are to:

  • Facilitate collaboration between groups both inside and outside of UNC
  • Provide a platform for sharing exciting data related to the field