Principal Investigator
David Neil Hayes, MD, MPH
Associate Professor
Clinical Research

Mailing Address:
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center
CB #7295
125 Mason Farm Road
Chapel Hill, NC  27599
Office: 919-966-3786
Fax: 919-966-1587

Neil Hayes
Lineberger Profile
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Curriculum Vitae
Lab Members
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Michele Hayward, RD Michele Hayward Publications
michele_hayward - @ -
Xiaoying Yin, MD Xiaoying Yin Publications
xiaoying_yin - @ -
Xiaobei Zhao, PhD Xiaobei Zhao Publications
xiaobei_zhao - @ -
Ashley Salazar, BA Ashley Salazar Publications
ashley_salazar - @ -
Heejoon Jo, PhD student Heejoon Jo Publications
heejoon - @ -
Hyo Young Choi, PhD student Hyo Young Choi Publications
choihy - @ -
Paul Little, PhD student Paul Little Publications
pllittle - @ -
Matthew Cousins, PhD, Med Student Matthew Cousins Publications
matthew_cousins - @ -
Former Members
Woochang Lee, MD, PhD Woochangphoto Publications
wlee123 -@-
Matthew Revilla, BA Matthew Revilla Publications
rjmatthe -@-
Patrick Kimes, PhD Patrick Kimes Publications
pkimes -@-
Thomas Stewart, MS, PhD student Thomas Stewart Publications
tgs - @ -
Yoon Ho Ko, MD, PhD Yoon Ho Ko Publications
yoonho - @ -
Ping-jie Xiao, PhD PJ Xiao Publications
pjxiao - @ -
Sang-Won Um, MD, MPH, PhD Sang-Won Um Publications
um - @ -
Ni Zhao, MD, MS Ni Zhao Publications
nzhao  -@ -
Wisut Lamlertthon, MD Wisut Lamlertthon Publications
wisut_lamlertthon - @ -
Chris Cabanski, PhD Chris Cabanski Publications
cabanski - @ -
Vonn Walter, PhD Vonn Walter Publications
vonn_walter - @ -
Ying Du, PhD Ying Du Publications
ying_du - @ -
Guosheng Zhang, PhD student Guosheng Zhang Publications
gszhang - @ -
Matthew D. Wilkerson, PhD Matthew Wilkerson Publications
mwilkers - @ -
Marni Siegel, MD/PhD student Marni Siegel Publications
marni_siegel - @ -
Matthew Soloway, BS Matthew Soloway Publications
matthew_soloway - @ -
Mei Kim Ang, MD Mei Kim Ang, MD Publications
ang - @  -
Mihir Patel, MD Mihir Patel Publications
mihir_patel - @ -
Amy Lucas, MD
amy lucas Publications
Juneko Grilley-Olson, MD Juneko Grilley-Olson, MD Publications
juneko_grilley - @ -
Shaowu Meng, PhD Shaowu Meng Publications
mengs - @ -
Usman Shah, MD usman shah Publications
Yuan Qi, PhD photo goes here MD Anderson Link
yqi1 - @ -
Carrie Lee, MD
photo goes here Publications
Steve Lee, MD
photo goes here Publications
Alden Parsons, MD alden parsons
Former Members Not Pictured

Jennifer Nelson, MD

Lauren Gainor, MD
Patrick Roberts, PharmD, PhD
Smith "Jim" Apisarnthanarax, MD
Steve Harris, MD