Edward L. Chaney, Ph.D.


Radiation Oncology

Research Interests
Development of new techniques for image guided radiotherapy treatment planning and treatment verification. Specific areas of research include image acquisition, processing, and display techniques for radiotherapy treatment planning and verification, and translational research involving migration of imaging research into clinical systems. Current research is focused on deformable medial models for image segmentation to define normal anatomical structures; register volumetric images for tumor localization; and analyze portal images to measure treatment field shape and to detect tretment setup errors.

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Gillette SM, Poulson JM, Deschesne KM, Chaney EL, and Gillette EL: Response of the Canine Esophagus to Irradiation, Radiation Research 150: 365-368 (1998)

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Pizer SM, Fritsch DS, Yushkevich PA, Johnson VE, and Chaney EL: Segmentation, Registration, and Measurement of Shape Variation via Image Object Shape, Transactions in Medical Imaging 18(10): 851-865 (1999)

Poulson JM, Vujaskovic Z, Gillette SM, Chaney EL, and Gillette EL: Volume and Dose-Response Effects for Severe Symptomatic Pneumonitis after Fractionated Irradiation of Canine Lung, Radiation Research (1999) (submitted)

Levine L., Mageras G.S. Tracton G.S., Chaney E.L., and Pizer S.M, A Method For Measuring Lung Shape In Electronic Portal Images During Gated Treatment, American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology, Annual Meeting 2000 (accepted)

Chaney EL, Levine L. Tracton GS, Potter L, and Pizer SM, A Novel Image Analysis Approach for Verifying MLC Leaf Positions in Electronic Portal Images, American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology, Annual Meeting 2000 (accepted)

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E-mail: edward_chaney@med.unc.edu
Telephone: (919) 966-0300
Address: NC Clinical Cancer Ctr. Chapel Hill, NC

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